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Greenleys Junior School Project

Website, prospectus and photography

Greenleys Junior School, located in Milton Keynes supports pupils and parents from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The project brief for Wilson Design Group: to create a website and accompanying prospectus with easily accessible information, engineering the appropriate functionality into the website build. Also using carefully crafted words within both the website and prospectus enabled the school to maximise its ability to reach out effectively to a diverse audience.

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Greenleys Prospectus

Copyrighting and photography experitse

The prospectus uses bold photography, instantly giving a quick, pictoral, insight into everyday life within the school.

The Greenleys prospectus design reinforces the whole visual identity of the school.  Through meticulously considered copywriting and beautiful photography, the activities and lesson plans delivered through their curriculum are clearly demonstrated.

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Capturing the fleeting moment

Like a fly on the wall

It’s never easy to get a natural looking photograph

But if  you can capture that transigent moment, then perhaps you’re half way there. It only takes a gesture, a smile that cannot be forced, where the photographer has to be almost invisible, to entrape a magical moment forever.

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